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Punjabi Online Summer Camp 2021

Dhanjal Education

Regular Price $45.00

Punjabi Summer Camp 2021! 

Learn the language and culture 

*On going registrations start Sunday 06 June 2021

*Sessions run from Wed 16 June 2021 to Fri 30 July 2021


-$45 two sessions package

-$75 four sessions package

-$120 Seven sessions package


-11:30-1:00 LEVEL ONE (Intro to Punjabi, Punjabi roots)

-1:15-2:45 LEVEL TWO (reading, writing, Punjabi roots)



-09:30-11:00 LEVEL THREE  (reading, writing, conversation skills)



-10:45-12:15 Level One (7-9 year old)

*Private Sessions (single student):

-$90/four sessions package

-$155/seven sessions package

     -Wednesdays: *3:00 and 4:30

     -Thursdays: *12:30; 2:00; 3:30; 5:00

     -Fridays: *09:15-10:30  


-COMPUTER/LAPTOP with camera for live Zoom classes

-KNOW how to speak, read, and write English

-Stationary (notebook, pencil)

*Please note this is not a Gurbani class. We will not be learning paatth.

*please sign up for free gurbani sessions on Sundays if you're interested.

*This Summer Camp is not partnered with any Gurdwara or school.


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